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Want to buy a property in Agra Region that can be Flat, Plots, Villa, Simplex/Duplex ? It is right time to buy now as There may not be right time to buy property than now. Real Estate Sector had rough time for past 2 years since Demonetization, RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act) and GST implementation one by one following by other.

Buy Property is not easy as buy anything else because there are lot of choices available in market with different Builders and Agents. You do not know to whom you should trust to invest your hard earned money to buy a property. Most of Real Estate brokers make false commitment to convince you to buy property and later on buyers came to know that they are get fraud-ed by broker by false commitments.  False commitment can be

  • Do not share full information, Share +ve info and hide -ve info.
  • Charge a High commission to both parties.
  • Do not take more interest/responsibility once they get their commission.
  • Make false commitment to Both parties sometimes that is even not possible.


Why choose us?

We do not came here to do business as traditional people are doing. We came here to change Real Estate Industry and specially people mindset. Agra Property heartily thanks to Government body and respective organisation which drafted a law RERA to regulate Real Estate after which Buyer and seller both party’s interest is came under a umbrella. Agra property’s team try to find best possible property deal for both buyer and seller. We only close deal that is best for both party at particular times. We do not hide anything from both party.

We take a fixed commission 1.5% from both party.

How Do We work ?

If you are planning to sell your property that can be House, Flats, Plots, Simplex, Duplex, Agriculture Land, Commercial Land

  1. Register your property with us
  2. Our expert will discuss you about property details if needed our Real Estate expert will visit your property physically.
  3. Our team will verify property details in background.
  4. We will list down your property in our portal and will share your property details to our interested buyers.
  5. Once we get interested buyers, will schedule a meeting with both party face to face.
  6. If both party had matched their interest to sell and buy than our expert will guide to go ahead to transfer legal documents.